Upcoming Events and Workshops in Maryland

Each of the eight institutions in Maryland with active AVP programs develop their schedule of events/workshops based on local conditions. The events are listed here whenever the local coordinator shares the information. So if you do not see events listed for a particular institution please contact the coordinator for that institution.

August 17–19, 2018 RCI
Advanced (second level) #51 Workshop

September 14–16, 2018 MCTC
Basic Workshop
September 28–30, 2018 RCI
Basic #125 Workshop

October 12–14, 2018 MCI-H
Training for Facilitators Workshop
October 12–14, 2018 RCI
Basic #126 Workshop

November 9–11, 2018 MCTC
Advanced (second level) Workshop
November 16–18, 2018 RCI
Training for Facilitators Workshop

December 7–9, 2018 MCI-H
Basic #200 Workshop
December 14–16, 2018 RCI
Advanced (second level) #52 Workshop